About us

A history about passion, science and the willingness to change things into better

Founded in 1986 in Germany (Münster) by equine vets, EQUISTRO nowadays is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality feed supplements for horses. Acquired in 2001 by Vetoquiniol, one of the bearing top 10 veterinary pharmaceutical companies in the world, EQUISTRO is manufactured in France since 2007 and distributed in more than 20 countries all over the world. The range of EQUISTRO® includes about 35 products divided into 10 indication categories, each of them easily identifiable by its specific color.

From experts to professionals

Developed with leading equine nutrition scientists, proved, and recommended by vets since many decades, utilized by Olympic sport riders and top breading organizations, EQUISTRO represents outstanding premium nutrition of highest quality ingredients since more than 35 years.

What sets EQUISTRO apart?

The EQUISTRO products not only support the horse’s well-being but also respect the latest scientific recommendations released by the National Research Council (NRC) by providing perfectly balanced compositions of highly bioavailable ingredients on an excellent palatable basis for answering the nutritional requirements of the horse efficiently.

EQUISTRO products are manufactured according to the highest quality standards. As part of Vetoquinol, one of the top 10 veterinary pharmaceutical global players, the production site of EQUISTRO based in Tarare, France is operating in accordance with the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standard as well as further quality measures reflecting our commitment to highest quality standards to ensure both the horse’s and owner’s safety above all.

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The EQUISTRO philosophy

One of our primary goals is to answer all the horse’s specific and individual needs with our nutritional supplement range. This means for us the commitment of ensuring that your horse receives all essential nutrients in a form that is biologically in tune with its physiology as well as reliability and security in terms of doping.

EQUISTRO's IPALIGO-TEC® - the ultimate nutritive boost

IPALIGO-TEC® is a patented and unique amino acid associated formulation of inorganic substances (e.g., trace elements) that privilege the passive and active intestinal transport mechanisms to result in a superior bioavailability when compared to the classically used inorganic forms of minerals.

EQUISTRO clean sport program

Without quality there is no security, without security there is no quality. The philosophy behind the EQUISTRO clean sport program is that of complete label declaration transparency to allow you making a clear decision regarding the safe use during competitions following the FEI clean sport rules. Every batch of EQUISTRO products containing herbs or herbal extracts are analyzed for environmental contaminants by the internationally renowned laboratory for anti- doping control (Laboratoire de Cours Hippique). To identify if the use of a product during FEI competitions is of risk, we developed a green (OK) respectively red (NOT OK) label that can be found on each EQUISTRO product guiding you to decide if a product can be used or not during competition.

equistro clean sport label

No matter if reliable partner of vets, physiotherapist or osteopaths, long-term companion of horse breeders, essential competition attendant or trustful supporter for health issues:  
EQUISTRO's well-balanced product range is the perfect partner at your side – from foal to senior, whether for high performance athletes or for your best friend in the pasture – at EQUISTRO we work with passion for YOUR HORSE because THIS MATTERS.